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Code of Conduct

Winnetka Hockey Club Codes of Conduct Statement of Policy

The Winnetka Hockey Club (WHC ) established codes of conduct (“COCs”) for its players, parents and coaches to provide for and ensure an enjoyable, safe and productive atmosphere and experience for all.  These COCs applies to all games, practices and tournaments and WHC functions during the season.

The WHC encourages enjoyment of the game of ice hockey, but at the same time it strives to ensure individual player development, discipline, teamwork, respect for the game and its rules, teammates, coaches, opposing players, volunteers, fans, and referees.  As our players, coaches and parents represent the WHC on and off the ice, the WHC expects everyone involved with WHC to  conduct themselves appropriately and consistent with our COCs when at practices, games, or team or WHC activities or events. .

The WHC believes that its’ COCs and other policies will contribute to a safer and more enjoyable experience for all.  All coaches, players and parents are expected to be familiar with the COCs, and Travel players, parents and coaches,  must additionally be familiar with the WHC Travel Policies. 

The WHC asks that its players, parents or coaches report in writing any alleged violations of the COCs to a member of the WHC’s Rules and Ethics Committee., which the WHC has established to investigate such violations and determine and implement any sanctions.  Upon receiving a reported violation, the Rules and Ethics Committee will promptly investigate such violation, hold a hearing if appropriate, and determine and implement any sanction for such violation.

WHC Code of Conduct and Travel Policies will be enforced throughout the season.  All USA Hockey and AAU rules and regulations, as well as those applicable to AHAI, CUHL, and CSDHL, will be adhered to.