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6 Apr

Welcome to the New Winnetka Hockey Club Website

This is the new home for Winnetka Hockey.  To register for programs including tryouts you must create a Crossbar account if you do not already have one. With an account, you are able to add participants (players), additional family members (to receive communications), pay season fees, and access team information once rostered. 

26 Oct

Hockey Parenting 2.0

Words of Wisdom from  Dan Bauer a free-lance writer, retired teacher and hockey coach in Wausau, WI. It is official, all youth athletics have crossed over into the twilight zone. They are all too organized, travel too much, too expensive and too time-consuming. We place too much emphasis on keeping score and winning and too little emphasis on having fun. As another hockey season descends upon us, I have some simple advice for parents to help make your hockey experience more valuable to your youngster and more enjoyable for you. Read the full article on the website or click below

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26 Oct

Why Hockey is Loaded with Late Bloomers

The best young hockey players seldom grow up to be the best adult hockey players, nor were the vast majority of the world’s top NHL players at the very top of their youth age groups growing up. Read the full article here

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25 Jun

CSDHL Participation

The Winnetka Hockey Club is proud to announce that we will be fielding six teams in the Central States Developmental Hockey League (CSDHL) for the '23-'24 season. 

SQUIRT: Squirt Major (2013); Squirt Minor (2014); Squirt Prospects (2013/14)

PEE WEE: Pee Wee Prospects (2011/12)

BANTAM (Joint Winnetka/Wilmette program): Bantam Prospects (2009/10)

MIDGET (Joint Winnetka/Wilmette program): Midget Prospects (2007/08)

This level of participation with CSDHL, complemented by our continued involvement in the Northern Illinois Hockey League (NIHL) and the Chicago United Hockey League (CUHL), will offer all our young hockey players the right level of competition for optimal development and enjoyment. 

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