Player Development

Green Line Characteristics

Our goal is to create consistent player character traits across our program; traits represented in our “Green Line.” Practices and skills sessions will be designed to strengthen these competencies, games will be used to reinforce them, and players will be assessed based on them. When we do this kids will develop into better hockey players & teammates and enjoy the game.


Strong Skaters: stride, edges, balance & transitions. Includes goaltenders.

Heads up hockey players with and without the puck with heads up to see/read the play.

Decision Making

Read and react according to information presented during play. Be creative!

Value puck possession: Keep it when you have it and get it when you don’t.


Win races to the puck & battles for the puck

Never give up!


Positive attitude and supportive teammate. Trust our teammates and play as a team.

Value an assist, a backcheck, a save and a blocked shot as much as a goal.

Coachable players who want to improve.

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